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Online Ordering
Website & App

With your own personalised website platform and mobile App to get more online orders for your business. The ordering website and EPOS system are developed by our in house developer team, which can achieve a seamless connection between systems.

Register & Manage Website for Free

Attract customers to ordering on the website, increase online sales, and quickly increase customer reviews.

Dedicated Store Place

Ever Dish online ordering platform provides a dedicated store place for you, which can increase the exposure of your restaurant to potential customers.

Customised Marketing Solution

"Custom-made" marketing campaign to maximise the requirement of customers.

Online ordering website & EPOS in-store works seamlessly together

  • The POS system can automatically accepts orders, reduce the work pressure and improves the efficiency of the front desk.
  • When customer place order online, the order received in store can be printed in Chinese or English language on the receipt with the counter and the kitchen printer, high efficiency and convenient.
  • Online orders are as flexible as in-store Takeaway and Collection orders, which can be edited and organised in the Back Office
  • After-sales service hotline in Chinese language
    After-sales service hotline in Chinese language

    Telephone helpline extended to 12 midnight / seven days a week.

  • No commission fee on delivery charge
    No commission fee on delivery charge

    For example, if the order is 20 euros, the meal cost 18 euros, and the delivery charge is 2 euros. We only charge commission fee on 18 euros.

  • Faulty order deletion function
    Faulty order deletion function

    Allow business owner to mark and delete wrong or faulty orders, the system will no longer have any records after deletion.

Safe & Secure Payment System

  • Secure Payment System

    Secure Payment System

    With the implementation of 3D Secure protocol, we ensure that all payment frauds are prevented , providing merchants with a secure payment solution that complies with PCI security standards.

  • Merchant Chargeback Protection

    Merchant Chargeback Protection

    Ever Dish liable for the loss of Chargeback for the merchant, and the merchant will receive the full amount of the customer's payment.

Features to Help You Succeed

  • Online Table Reservation
    Online Table Reservation

    Many restaurants currently facing a situation of tables being overbooked, leading to customers queuing for their table for a long time. Ever Dish provides an online table reservation feature based on the customer’s requirements. Dining customers only need to make their table reservations on the website in one easy step, improving the service for customers of the restaurant to a higher standard.

  • Scan to Order
    Scan to Order

    Customer can place order by scanning a QR code, replacing the traditional manual ordering with staff, speed up food ordering and delivery efficiency, reduce labour costs, and improve customer experience. This amazing ordering feature is worth cheering for both the customers and the restaurants. All can easily be done by scanning the QR code to order on the table, ordering food with the mobile phone, and calling the waiter.

  • Franchises Package
    Franchises Package

    Provide the franchise brand with an official online ordering website and a mobile app. Franchise HQ central menu management: all chain store menus can be updated and managed by one central menu. Franchise HQ report: HQ can check the turnover of chain stores with the online back office. Stock order system: Franchise stores can order stocks from the HQ with this system.