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Most of the members of our team have a technical background and good knowledge of the food delivery industry. This allows us to easily understand what the customers think and their needs.


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  • Our Aims

    Allow all the small and medium-sized hospitality businesses to be able to afford to use the EPOS system. Reduce the cost of opening an online store. Our ultimate goal is to provide basic and technical support for all Chinese restaurant owners. All the mainstream EPOS systems and online ordering platforms in Ireland and the United Kingdom provide after-sales technical support in the English language, however, a very high percentage of the business owners is Chinese language speaker. Providing after-sales service in the Chinese language can greatly improve the business service for most business owners.

  • Our Values

    We conduct our business with innovation, integrity, courage, and efficiency and we always focus on our customer's needs.

Key Milestones of Our Growth

  • 2005

    Begin selling the first-generation self-developed Epos system for takeaway restaurants in Ireland. Highly improved the efficiency of the takeaway restaurants.

  • 2007

    Started designing and developing the second-generation Epos system. The system allows store owners to monitor the store's business information online in real-time on PC or mobile phones, and also introduces online ordering and mobile app ordering features.

  • 2009

    The second generation of software was officially launched. In the same year, our company also won the partnership opportunity with Apache Pizza.

  • 2018

    We process 1.6 million euros in total online ordering sales for Apache pizza every month.

  • 2019

    We started our own Ever Dish online ordering platform.

  • 2022

    Over 2,000 stores joined our platform, the total sales from in-store and online have reached 700 million euros, and a total of 32 million transactions have been processed.

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  • www.everdish.net

  • +353 818 666 888

    +44 121 3688 188