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Franchise Package

Franchise stores are different to single stores. The main difficulty in franchise brands is chain store management. Whether in team management or stock distribution, it requires a strong connection between the HQ and the chain stores. Ever Dish POS system provides a fully functional and complete management system for the Franchise brand.


Cooperation case

  • Mizzoni's Pizza_pic
    Mizzoni's Pizza_banner

    Mizzoni's Pizza

    A franchise brand which focuses on delivering the best pizza. HQ provide high-quality stocks for all the chain stores with our online inventory system. In the past, the HQ took every single stock order from all chain stores by pen and paper, which required a massive amount of time and human error often lead to a shortage of stock or wrong order being delivered as a result. The franchise HQ can easily manage all stores in the back office online and get insight into all the online and in-store sales of all stores, which improves efficiency at the management level and be more effective to promote in the marketing purpose.

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  • All Bar Chicken_pic
    All Bar Chicken_banner

    All Bar Chicken

    All Bar Chicken is a newly opened BBQ franchise brand. They focus on providing roast chicken in various flavours, target customers are the younger generations. At present, there are 5 chain stores and some are food trucks. Within a year of operation, it has become one of the most popular restaurants for BBQ lovers.

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  • Peking Street Food_pic
    Peking Street Food_banner

    Peking Street Food

    Peking is a franchise-branded Chinese restaurant. Their mission is to offer authentic and healthy Asian street food to Irish customers, using locally sourced ingredients and an expert knowledge of fine Asian cuisine. Now Peking has more than 30 branches across the country.

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Highly effective features

  • Official website and online ordering app_effect
    Official website and online ordering app

    Provide franchise stores with an official website and an online ordering app.

  • Central menu management_effect
    Central menu management

    Central menu management of franchise HQ: manage menus of all branches in one place.

  • Franchise HQ report_effect
    Franchise HQ report

    Franchise HQ report: HQ can check the turnover of all franchise stores in the online back office.

  • Central inventory system_effect
    Central inventory system

    Provide a central inventory system for the chain store HQ: franchise stores can order stocks from the HQ through this system online.